Obvious signs your man is cheating on you

Most times there are obvious signs your man is cheating on you yet you don’t have the courage to talk about it for the fear of what may happen next to your relationship

Truly it is not easy to deal with suspicions of cheating because so many things are at stake and that includes the trust that the relationship was built on.

At this point, you spent weeks or months trying to figure out what to do; Should I confront him or not What if am wrong?

What if you accuse your partner of cheating and it’s not true? What if they deny it? How will things change? Can you ever go back to being normal again? These are what really makes cheating in relationships a bad thing.

But before you approach him, pay attention to some of these unfortunate but yet very obvious signs your man is cheating on you:

Check Out These Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You:

Obvious signs your man is cheating on youMost people may be subtle enough to hide all these signs from you for a very long time, that’s why you need to start paying attention now these subtle yet obvious signs outlined below.

He Suddenly Became Sneaky With His Phone Or Computer!

A man who’s 100% into the relationship and doesn’t have another woman in the mix will have nothing to hide so you need to be on the lookout… If he’s suddenly glued to his phone, watch out. This is a major concern, especially if he’s sneaky about it.

More especially when he doesn’t tell you who he’s talking to or what he’s doing and gets mad if you ask him or happen to glance at his phone. More so, If he acts defensive about it and won’t tell you more when asked to know, or tries to hide it from you, this is a sign he’s cheating or about to cheat. My dear that’s an obvious sign your man is cheating on you.

Suddenly His Sexual Appetite And Behaviour changed:

Sex is a very important factor in relationships, the point is that it’s a sign of intimacy so if suddenly he changes the pattern in this regard, then you need to watch out…

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Does he now has zero interest in having sex, or now has a voracious appetite for sex? The key is, his sexual appetite and behaviour have changed.

If he suddenly starts to avoid sex without any cogent reason, there is a chance he is having sex with someone.

If he now has more appetite for sex it might be to cover his guilt or that the affair is leading to a surge in testosterone, either way, you need to take it into account.

Heads Up: At this point, you may need to find out what the reasons are before you call him out.

Suddenly Angry And Frustrated Around You:

If your kind partner is suddenly now angry and frustrated around you almost all the time without any good reason, though sometimes it might not be you that they are angry at, Instead, they are projecting their own fears and insecurities on you.

It’s not always evident because some people change over time. Not everyone is who they first appeared to be, and it does happen from time to time that one partner finds out the other partner is not who they said they were.

But if they have been in your life for a long time and are getting mad at you for things that don’t make sense, it could be a cover-up of his new side dealings.

Sudden Need For Privacy:

Everybody needs a certain amount of privacy, and people can be different about how much of it they need. Some people are fine with sharing their email passwords or leaving their Facebook pages open, others are not. The point is, he won’t be one way and then suddenly change without good reason.

If he used to keep his phone unlocked all the time and leave it on the table when he left the room, and now it’s always locked, and he takes it with him, or he used to leave his accounts open when he walked away from the computer, and now he’s signing out first, there’s a reason.

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Privacy about his personal space is important too. But if he used to want to have you around right when he got off from work, and now he wants to go right to the bedroom for “me” time or a shower first, this could be one of the signs your man is cheating on you.

In the end, relationships are about openness and sharing. You are working toward sharing life together. If it felt like he was open and sharing before, but now he’s suddenly shutting you out, it’s an obvious sign he’s cheating on you.

He Tries To Explain Himself A Lot:

Has he started explaining himself a lot more than he normally does? A man who’s cheating usually spins elaborate stories about where he’s been just to seem convincing. If you ask him how his dinner with his new friends was, and he elaborates a long story about it for a few minutes, when he generally doesn’t ever go into details without a bit of pestering, he may be trying to cover something up.

You should also know that a lot of guys are good at hiding these sorts of things that’s where your woman intuition comes into play…

Nevertheless, be prepared to give your man the benefit of the doubt until you’re certain he’s cheating on you. After all, there’s no point in building insecurities and fuelling doubts until you have enough reason to confront your man.

Hanging Out With Unknown Friends:

He may have got a new group of friends that he doesn’t want you to meet, but will not give a good reason as to why that is. He suddenly is ditching you and your mutual friends for these new people that no one seems to know.

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This could be an obvious sign your man is cheating on you, It’s now hard to get any time with your man unlike before when he would want you to hang out with his new friends but now he won’t as much as talk about them with you… it’s a sign of him cheating on you.

Conclusion: Whether your suspicions are justified or not. Trust is essential, and trust is what you need to focus on. Think about the positive things you can do to turn the tide, to increase the trust between you.

The truth is that when it comes to dealing with the man you love possibly cheating on you, what you need to understand is that you can’t control what he’s doing, you can only control how you choose to respond to it and what that means is the health of that relationship solely depends on how you handle the situation when there are obvious signs your man is cheating or have cheated on you.

Now please unless you know for sure he’s already cheated or he’s cheating on you then distrusting him, blaming him, or punishing him are not the right way to go.

Instead, what you want to do is consider why he may be thinking of cheating. This is not to say that if he wants to cheat you are the one to blame! It’s to say that relationships take two, and a person totally happy and satisfied in a relationship is generally not going to look elsewhere.

So if his attention seems to be wandering and you’ve noticed some of these signs, start thinking about why he fell in love with you, to begin with, and bring that energy back into the relationship.

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