Keys to a happy relationship

Having a happy relationship shouldn’t be that hard… As long as you can understand and follow these keys to a happy relationship as outlined in this article then you should be fine.

If you desire to have a happy relationship, either a romantic relationship or other types, as the case may be. It’s the little things that count. Just as a misspoken word or an odd look can throw a happy couple into a weeks-long feud. And small good gestures can help to give you a happy relationship.

Keys To A Happy Relationship:

Express Love To Your Partner Verbally:

Although actions indeed speak louder than words, words often speak more clearly than actions. Take a moment now and then to verbalize your feelings for your partner. A simple “I love you” or “You mean the world to me” can go a long way towards making the other feel wanted, cared for, and secure in your relationship.

Spend Quality Time Together:

In every relationship, the quality of time always outweighs the quantity of time. It does not matter how much time you and your better half spend together the most important part is how you spend that time.

So, one should make sure that they engage in a quality time to maintain a deep connection which results in a happy relationship.

No Secrets If You Want A Happy Relationship:

It is said that in relationship trust and honesty must exist. If they don’t then there is no point of loving. So, if one cannot afford, to be honest, they must stay single.

Secrets are like underground mines. You feel that they are out of sight and mind so they can not hurt your current relationship but remember; no secrets are kept forever. Secrets will always come out sooner or later.

Don’t keep anything hidden away from your partner, especially something you think will bother them when they find out. Some people cheat on their partner and thought because their partner will never find out, but the truth always has a way of coming out.

It might be hard to face the truth and disclose your secrets to someone you are scared to lose, but if you do it yourself your partner will at least know that you did not lie or tried to hide something from them. Honesty is a vital key to having a happy relationship.

Always Appreciate Your Partner:

No one likes to stay in a relationship where they don’t feel needed or appreciated. It is important that you continuously make an effort to make your partner feel special, and not just special, in fact, valued by you.
Treasure every moment you spend with them.

If you genuinely feel this way, it will start to show through your actions. Remember, a partner who feels wanted will always value you. It is in human nature that they like to be praised and loved. So why not give your partner that feeling, and let them feel special.

Share Yourself With Your Partner:

Don’t keep your likes and dislikes, dreams and fears, achievements and mistakes, or anything else to yourself. If it’s important to you, share it with your partner. More than that, be sure to share more with your partner than you do with anyone else.

While there is certainly a need for some personal space in even the closest relationship, give as much of yourself and your time as you can bear to your partner. Do this and you will surely have a happy relationship.

Respect Is A Key To A Happy Relationship:

An unwavering and deep respect for your significant other is one of the most important keys to a happy relationship. If you cannot respect your partner, then why are you with him/her?

To have a healthy and happy relationship you need to have some level of care and some level of respect for your partner.

Being Supportive Is A Vital Key To A Happy Relationship:

It’s obvious what you need to do when your partner faces a major life challenge like the loss of a job or the death of a loved one. But it’s just as important to be supportive when your partner faces life’s little challenges too, an argument at work, a rough commute, a misplaced check, when that business didn’t fall through, etc… Listen to what’s bothering them and offer whatever help, even if it’s just sympathy you can.

Equality Is A Vital Key Too:

Make sure you follow the Golden Rule in your relationship: do unto your partner as you would have them done unto you.

Strive for a fair division of household duties and other tasks if you’re already living together, and don’t expect or demand special considerations you’d be unwilling to offer in return.

Do not expect the person to go that extra mile you will be unwilling to go or take that risk you know you won’t dare to take. Just think, if it’s good for my partner then it will be good for me.

Keys To A Happy Relationship

Communication Is A Vital Key Too To A Happy Relationship:

If you sure want to have a happy relationship, you really need to know how to communicate with your partner, the importance of communication in relationships is one that can not be overlooked.

Problems can arise in relationships any time but if you know how to communicate with one another, it won’t end things up for you.

Lots of relationships today has fallen apart as a result of lack of communication, couples who don’t communicate can fall into an unfortunate pattern of simply existing with one another and never really knowing each other very well.

A relationship can’t get profoundly deep if communication isn’t open, frequent and honest.

Communication leads to sharing and bonding. Remaining close to your partner by sharing thoughts and feelings will help you get through challenging times when life tries to pull you apart.

Be In-charge Of Your Emotions:

Never act on impulse or on emotion in a moment, don’t lose it yet, be calm. Emotions are often too intense during the moment you feel them; they amplify the situation beyond its regular bounds.

People make irrational decisions when emotions are tensed up, only make decisions when reflecting on the causes of action. Reflecting on emotions after the fact is far wiser than acting on them in the moment of experience, think before you act.

Summary: Relationship should never be a prison or a shit-hole if you think it’s not working it’s better to end thing politely and still be friends… Nevertheless, you should not be a quitter, try these keys to a happy relationship first before you decide.

Now it’s your turn, do you have all the keys? Be the first to comment on this.

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