Human Psychological and physiological needs

The question of whether we have sets of human psychological and physiological needs whose satisfaction serves as a nutrient for growth and mental health is intriguing.

All humans have both psychological and physiological needs which in most cases require urgent attention if we must thrive in life, thus the need for us to evaluate these needs using Maslow’s needs hierarchy scope.

Are Your Human Psychological And Physiological Needs Fulfilled?

Every day we make decisions and take actions in our life based on what we think, feel and believe is most important.

While we may not always be consciously aware of why we make the decisions that we do, but daily, we are in touch with our physiological needs like the uncomfortable sensations such as fatigue or hunger, the need for safety, need to love and be loved, etc… that we feel, all of which require fulfilment.

Those Physiological needs when left unfulfilled brings unpleasant repercussion either to our health or otherwise.

Our psychological needs require our attention similarly and when they are unfulfilled, unpleasant emotions arise, but compared to our physical needs, ignoring them doesn’t carry direct fatal consequences.

This becomes a challenge as we end up being less practical in dealing with or solving our psychological or physiological needs.

List Of Human Basic Psychological Needs.

human psychological and physiological needs

Psychological Needs For Attachments:

Our need for attachment plays a particularly central role in the first few years of our life, where we are reliant on the help of others for our survival. If we have a caregiver, we can count on (like a mother or a father), we will develop a foundation of trust, not only in them but in other people and relationships in general.

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Without a reliable contact person in the first few years, the chances of developing an attachment disorder or a psychological disorder, later in life, are higher. Our first experiences with relationships shape us for the rest of our lives.

The Psychological Need For Growth:

Growth as a human psychological basic need is one thing that is true of every living thing on Earth, to survive, to thrive, we must grow. Whether we are talking about a micro-organism, a relationship or a creative endeavour, that which ceases to grow, ultimately stagnates and dies.

Fulfilling our need for Growth comes with an acceptance that Growth is a journey, not a destination, and that continual Growth also means allowing ourselves to be real, to be imperfect and to find authentic ways to share what we discover and learn with others.

The need for self-esteem enhancement:

Surely, you’ve experienced how great it can feel to reach a personal goal or receive a compliment for something important to you, to perceive ourselves as competent, good, and appreciated by others.

This need is fulfilled if we grow up in an environment that puts faith in us and recognizes the effort we put into things. At the same time, we know, and people communicate with us, that our failures don’t lessen our value but rather help us grow and learn.

It’s important to also take into cognizance, how challenging it can be to wholly fulfil this need and to really believe in our self-worth.

The Need For Self-Actualization:

Self-actualization is the hierarchy of needs, the highest level of psychological development, where the personal potential is fully realized after basic bodily and ego needs have been fulfilled.

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Self-actualization is man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities … to express and activate all the capacities of all that he is and meant to be.

This need when unfulfilled may lead to degradation and frustration.

Basic Physiological Needs:

Security and Safety Needs:

At every point in life, people want to feel safe at home, have total control of their lives… Some of the basic security and safety needs include:

  • Financial security
  • Health and wellness
  • Safety against accidents and injury

Finding a job, obtaining health insurance and health care, contributing money to a savings account, and moving into a safer neighbourhood are all examples of actions motivated by security and safety needs.

Needs For Survival:

These basic physiological needs include those things that are vital to our survival. Safety came first because it’s only when you’re safe before you can think of food or shelter.

Some examples of these physiological needs include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Breathing
  • Homeostasis

In addition to the basic requirements of nutrition, air and temperature regulation, the physiological needs also include such things as shelter and clothing. Sexual needs are also vital since it is essential to the survival and propagation of the human race.

Social Needs:

Social needs include love, acceptance, and belonging. The needs for emotional relationships drives human behaviour. Some of the things that satisfy this need include:

  • Friendships
  • Romantic attachments
  • Family
  • Social groups
  • Community groups
  • Churches and religious organizations

To avoid problems such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety, it is important for people to feel loved and accepted by other people. Personal relationships with friends, family, and lovers play an important role, as does involvement in other groups that might include religious groups, sports teams, book clubs, and other group activities.

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Final Thoughts: People from cultures all over the world reportedly agree that self-actualization and social needs were important even when many of the most basic needs were unfulfilled, but it is apparent that safety and other psychological needs are also vital to human survival.

At different phases of life and personal development, we naturally value different needs for different reasons. In the end, creating a fulfilling, successful and happy life will likely weave a positive balance between all the human basic psychological and physiological needs.

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