Fascinating Locations In Nigeria

There are lots of fascinating locations in Nigeria for family holidays and honeymoon you are yet to discover, and these locations will blow your mind.

A holiday is a special bonding time for most families, the connections and memories formed during such family adventure make for stories that will last for generations.

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Children who are still in their formative years learn a lot from visiting the new environment and interacting with people from different backgrounds. Some have even discovered their talent by chance while on holiday.

Fascinating Locations In Nigeria For Family Holidays:

Here are our selected places that will blow your mind because of their serene and beautiful environment…

Obudu Ranch Resort:

Fascinating locations in Nigeria for family holiday

Obudu Ranch Resort is truly a fascinating location for family holiday…

It features a water park with slides, cable cars, golf course, night-time bonfires and horseback riding.

Explore nature, bond with your loved ones as you hike through forests and mountains while bird watching.

 At Obudu Ranch resort, you will be offered standard accommodation. They include presidential suites, huts, executive rooms, standard rooms, and chalets. You pick the one you want. Visitors are always welcomed every time of the year. However, between October and February is usually the best time to be in Obudu.

Their restaurant and bar offers you standard Nigerian and international drinks and food. There is a park with water slide and wonderful pool; there is golf course, horseback riding and bonfires in the night. It is a fascinating place for families on holiday.

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Whispering Palms Resort:

Holiday location in Nigeria


Whispering Palms is the most visited resort for lovers, honeymooners and families as well, boasting lovely palm trees, a mini zoo, classic restaurants and comfortable hotel rooms that will definitely enhance your mood. It’s the best environment for families to go for holidays.

Tinapa Business And Leisure Resort:

 family holiday

This resort is located by the Calabar River. It comes with both business activities and leisure and entertainment.

Some of its great features include its game arcade which is a lovely place to give kids a great time, a water park, a fisherman’s wharf overlooking their artificial lake, a shopping centre that offers a lot of great products and it gives guests a wonderful lakeside hotel that has about 242 rooms.

More so, there is a casino, a film production studio, a nice cinema, a mini-amphitheater, a wonderful nightclub, and a pub. There are so many things to enjoy in Tinapa.

Olumo Rock Tourist Center:

Fascinating Locations


Olumo Rock, located in Abeokuta, Ogun State is a massive outcrop of granite rocks of prehistoric formation. The highest point of the rock is about 137 m above sea level.

There are several caves on the rock a few of which is 20 feet long and 25 feet wide. It is such a serene environment for family holidays.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex:

Family holiday locations in Nigeria

The Oguta lake holiday complex is located  at Oguta Local Government Area, Imo State.

Oguta Holiday Resort has a lot of facilities and services to make your family enjoy their holiday which includes: Golf course of international standard, mini children recreational park, cruise boat services much more.

Swimming is another activity and the confluence of Oguta Lake and Urashi River make for good sightseeing.

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Rojenny Tourist Village:

locations in Nigeria for family holidays


This is a place that suits both local and foreign tourists because it has both local and international appeal. It is great for a family holiday and it is one of the fascinating locations in Nigeria for tourists to visit.

The features include an amusement park, recreational and sporting facilities and a lot more. It is located at the outer edge of Onitsha town.

You should visit Rojenny Tourist Village and enjoy an awesome time.

Yankari Games Reserve and Resort:

fascinating locations for family holidays

The Yankari games reserve and resort is located at Bauchi State.

Chatty baboons, dancing hippos, baby elephants and other species of wildlife will definitely catch your attention.

Let’s not forget the Marshall cave systems and Wikki warm springs, another exciting attractions ideal for family fun. Yankari also has outdoor and indoor sports facilities and suitable accommodation.

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort:

Fascinating locations in Nigeria

Another fascinating holiday location in Nigeria is this natural warm water spring, which flows side-by-side with a cold water spring.

It is located in a dense forest on a hilly landscape in Ekiti state.

The main attraction is the spot where hot water and cold water meet distinctively. Even though they meet, they don’t mix! There is a beautifully designed trail that leads to the beautiful meeting point.

There are also mouthwatering Nigerian cuisines available in the resort, coupled with the intercontinental dishes. It also boasts of an outdoor pool, gym, restaurant, bar, and amphitheatre, all these make the location one of the fascinating locations in Nigeria for family holidays.

The resort is filled with suitable accommodation and recreational facilities that are perfect for any family holiday.

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Abraka Turf and Country Club:

Holiday location in Nigeria

Located on the plains of Delta coastline, Abraka Turf and Country Club offers you Savannah adventure, natural reserves and a clear emerald green river.

It’s a fascinating location for families that provides recreational activities to keep adults and children happy. (1)

Do you know other fascinating locations in Nigeria for family holidays? You can share your own locations with us and lets expand the info.

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